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1288 Notice Regarding the Removal of Unexploded WWII Ordnance from Downtown Osaka Scheduled for 2015/5/9 2015/04/27
A piece of unexploded, WWII-era ordnance was recently found at a construction site in the downtown Osaka Namba and Nipponbashi area. The Japan Self-Defense Forces have scheduled the removal of the undetonated one-ton bomb for 2015/5/9 (Saturday) starting at 7:30 a.m. The work is expected to be completed within the morning hours.

During this time, access to the surrounding area will be strictly restricted as a safety precaution, with civilians not permitted within a 300-meter radius of the work site during the removal. Besides banning foot and vehicle traffic in the safety zone, the following will also be affected:

 -Train lines running through this area including the Nankai and Semboku will be suspended until removal is completed.
 -Operating hours of shops and businesses in the area will be altered.
 -Operating hours of parking lots, etc. will also be altered.