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1230 I got an error after entering my credit card number. What should I do? 2016/12/29
Please return to your cart, verify that your credit card number and expiration date are accurate, make sure that your card works with online authentication services, and try again. Please note that cards not working with authentication services cannot be used on JAPANiCAN.com.

If you are still unable to complete your booking, please contact your credit card company with the error code and/or a screen capture of the error page.

Some credit card companies require you to register for authentication service ahead of time before being able to use the card for online purchases requiring authentication. If your credit card company's authentication page does not appear during booking and you are unable to input your pin/password, this may due to security settings of your computer or browser. You can try changing computers/devices or internet browsers, or you can contact your credit card company for more information.