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631 How can I write a review for a hotel/ryokan? 2010/11/29
After you stay at a hotel or ryokan booked through JAPANiCAN.com, you will receive an automated email at the address provided during booking. This email will contain a link that you can use to leave a review.

If the link in the email doesn't work, or if for some reason you do not even receive the email, please follow these steps:
2. Log in using your JAPANiCAN.com account or the booking confirmation number and the billing phone number you provided when booking.
3. Find the record for the hotel or ryokan at which you stayed, and follow the link to the review form.

Customer reviews should appear on the hotel or ryokan's details page within two weeks of being submitted. For more information, please see Why hasn't my review of a hotel appeared on the site yet?