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589 Why hasn't my review of a hotel appeared on the site yet? 2010/06/30
The goal of the JAPANiCAN Ratings & Reviews service is to provide a forum for our customers to share information about the hotels and ryokan listed on our website in an appropriate, objective manner.

Acceptance and Denial of Reviews
The acceptance (and subsequent publishing) or denial of any given review is at the sole discretion of the JAPANiCAN.com English site staff. We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, and a review will never be denied simply on the basis that it reflects negatively on any given hotel.

So, where's my review?
If you have submitted a review, and it has not appeared on the site yet, the following are possible explanations.

Within a week since you submitted the review:
-Your submission has not yet been reviewed and accepted by the staff.

A week has passed since you submitted the review:
-The system got a case of the hiccups and the publishing of your review failed for some reason.
-The content of your review violated the Terms and Conditions and was denied. We greatly appreciate your feedback, but please understand that your review will not be posted to the site as written.

What to Do
If it has been less than a week since you submitted your review, please check back later. Your review should appear on the site within about a week of submission.

If it has been more than a week, please contact Customer Support with your booking confirmation number to inquire about the status of your review. If your review was denied due to its content, it may be possible to submit a revised version.

Some notes on appropriate content for reviews
Please keep in mind that reviews should be written as objective assessments of the merits or demerits of the hotel at which you stayed, and appropriate language and decorum should be maintained throughout. Major things to avoid would be, for example, the following:

-vague or categorical, unsubstantiated statements like "This is a horrible hotel" without qualifying statements (e.g., specific examples)
-messages intended for or directed at the hotel or its staff
-inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise offensive language (curse words, racial epithets, etc.)

If you would like to file a complaint about a hotel or its staff, or if you would like to send a message to a hotel or its staff, please either contact the hotel directly or contact JAPANiCAN.com Customer Support. For more information about using our review system, please consult the Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, please note that the review system's intended use is for reviews of hotels only. If you have feedback regarding the JAPANiCAN website, booking system, etc., we would love to hear it, but please contact us regarding these kinds of issues through Customer Support. Please also note that JAPANiCAN does not own or operate any of the hotels listed on our website.

Below, please find some examples of content that is likely to be accepted or likely to be denied. Please note that these are examples only; they are not directly copied from user-submitted content.

Likely to be accepted:
-"This hotel was clean and comfortable, and we had a great stay here. Highly recommended."
-"The room was dirty, and although it was a non-smoking room, it smelled strongly of smoke."
-"This hotel was rather inconvenient as it was located far from public transit, and there weren't really any stores in the neighborhood. However, the rooms were nice and the staff was very pleasant, so we enjoyed it nonetheless."

Likely to be denied (explanation in parentheses):
-"Worst hotel ever!" (The reviewer needs to give appropriate reasons why this is the "worst hotel ever".)
-"The manager, Yamada, is a jerk." (The reviewer specifically names a hotel employee and makes a personal insult.)
-"Your hotel is great! I want to keep in touch with you, so please send me, Joe Smith, a postcard at 1234 Avenue Street, Boston, MA, USA. My email is...." (Not only is this a message clearly intended for the hotel staff, but the reviewer has included very specific personal information about himself. In our efforts to protect your privacy, we will certainly not publish reviews containing personal information.)