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627 Bathing Etiquette 2010/10/21
Please be aware that there are common rules to follow when enjoying a public bath or onsen in Japan.

When first entering the public bathing area, there will usually be a room resembling the following diagram:

Slippers are typically removed and left at the entrance (there may be a shoe box). Most baths have shelves with baskets for holding your clothes. Please note that lockers are typically not available, so valuables should not be brought to the bath.

After disrobing completely (bathing suits should not be worn unless specifically indicated), please enjoy the bath while following these standard rules:

1. Be sure to wash before entering the shared bath. There are usually small stools and buckets made of either wood or plastic placed near a faucet or showerhead. Make use of these to wash up before getting into the public bath.
2. Since the entire facility is shared, please make sure to clean not only your own body, but also the area you used as well.
3. Also before entering the bath, please completely rinse off all body soap, shampoo and conditioner. As shared bath and onsen waters can be quite hot, it is advised you test out the waters carefully and get into the bath slowly.
4. Please do not rinse your towel in the bathing water.

Observing these simple guidelines will ensure that you and the other patrons will have an enjoyable and relaxing time.