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568 Regarding Tattoos at Public Baths and Onsen 2016/12/29
Please be aware that some hotels and ryokan in Japan will not allow guests (Japanese and foreign) with tattoos to enter public hot springs and baths. In Japan, tattoos are still associated with organized crime by many people. Varied establishments, from hotels to fitness clubs, deny use of their facilities to customers with tattoos, regardless of the design and size, to avoid other guests' discomfort.

JAPANiCAN.com regrets that such policies can greatly inconvenience those of our customers with tattoos. We are currently in the process of creating a system to denote whether the hotels and ryokan with public baths listed on our site have such policies.    

Please note that while customers with tattoos may be barred from public baths, pools, etc. at a hotel or ryokan, this should not affect accommodation there, and it may be possible to use the hotel or ryokan's private-use facilities. If you have a tattoo and are worried about being barred from a certain hotel's or ryokan's public facilities, please contact the hotel or ryokan directly. For more information regarding the use of hot springs at ryokan and listings of ryokan with private baths, please refer to this article.