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339 What cancellation fees apply? 2010/10/22
Cancellation fees are determined by and at the complete discretion of each hotel. Each hotel specifies its cancellation policy in its contract with Japanican, and accordingly, this information appears on each hotel's listing on the website.

In general, most hotels do not charge a fee if you cancel your reservation about a week in advance; some hotels even allow cancellations without penalty as late as only a few days before the check-in day. However, please note that some hotels require considerable advance notice.

The actual amounts of any incurred fees also vary depending on each hotel's policies. It is important to note that if you cancel on the day of check-in or do not show up at all, you could be charged up to 100% of the room rate. When booking a hotel, please be sure to confirm that hotel's cancellation policy.

Finally, please also note that some changes to reservations are considered cancellations (and re-bookings), and in most cases, normal cancellation fees will apply.

If you cancel a payment-in-advance booking, your credit card will be credited the total room charge minus any applicable cancellation fees. If you cancel a payment-on-arrival booking, the credit card you provided will be charged a cancellation fee calculated depending on the total room charge and any applicable cancellation fees.