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1255 Can I make changes to my multi-night booking? (Meals, number of nights, dates) 2015/08/21
If you would like different meals/options for each night of your stay, please book a room with different plans that meet your wishes for each day of your stay. Afterwards, please contact Customer Support with each of your booking numbers and total number of consecutive nights to be spent at the hotel, and we will contact the hotel to request that you be in the same room each night of your stay. Please note that there may be some cases when this is not possible.

Number of Nights, Dates
Adding or subtracting nights and changing the dates of your multi-night booking are not possible online. To subtract nights from your stay, please contact Customer Support for help. To add nights to your stay, please make a separate reservation for the additional nights and contact Customer Support with both booking numbers if you would like to request the same room for all nights combined. Please note that this may not be possible.

Please note that when subtracting nights from a booking, cancellation fees may apply. Be sure to note the cancellation policy for your hotel (shown in the booking confirmation email).