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549 What services are provided for children? 2014/09/16
Children are defined as 3-12 years of age.

The fee for a child's stay covers bedding and meals (if meals are included in the reservation). The children's rate varies depending on the establishment, as does the children's meal (if one is provided), which could be a special set meal or simply a smaller portion of the adult meal. In the case that you would prefer an adult's meal for your child, please count your child as an adult when making a reservation.

Typically, children 6 and older are expected to require separate meals and bedding to be provided by the hotel. The amount of service (i.e., meals, bedding) to be provided is divided into categories as "Child A", "B", "C", and "D", which is determined by the hotel.

When making a booking with children, we ask that you accurately indicate the age of your children. For example, if a hotel defines "Child A" as a 10 year old, you may not register your 10 year old as a younger "Child D" (no meals or bedding); you will need to pay the price for "Child A".

Please note that not properly registering your children when booking can cause adjustment charges later or in cases when the actual ages and number of guests in your party exceeds the capacity of the room, you may be refused service altogether.