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546 How do I make a reservation including infants/children? 2017/02/08
When making a reservation including children, please use the pull-down menu in the "Guests" field to include the number of children of each category* (A, B, C or D) and press "Check Availability". This will return appropriate room results which accommodate children.

For establishments with a set children's rate, the total amount for the room(s) will change to reflect that rate if children are included in the reservation. The breakdown of the total can be viewed by pressing "Details" on the Enter Booking Details screen. 

For establishments that do not have a set children's rate, an error message will appear, so please either count Children (3-12 years of age) as Adults or choose another establishment with a children's rate. Please do not count Infants (0-2 years of age) as Adults, even if the error message appears. In such case please follow the instructions in the message.

* Please refer to this manual for more details on how to check the price category for your child.