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601 I received a confirmation of purchase, but my credit card was charged on a later date. Why? 2010/07/05
For all of the products on JAPANiCAN.com with online booking, JAPANiCAN.com will charge your credit card at the time of booking. However, please note that it is possible that the charge may not be processed by your credit card company until a later date. As most of our customers book from overseas using credit cards issued by companies in their home countries, it is not uncommon for the credit card companies to take longer to complete international transactions due to extended processing times. For more information on the processing of international transactions or other details regarding your credit card, please consult your credit card company.

We realize that this may result in, for example, a different exchange rate from what the customer was expecting. However, please note that the final processing of the transaction and the exchange rate that is used is entirely at the discretion of your credit card company and is in no way controlled by JAPANiCAN.com. When you book a hotel (payment-in-advance) or tour online with JAPANiCAN.com, the system will charge your card in Japanese Yen immediately. The actual date of charge and the exchange of Japanese Yen into your country's currency is completely dependent on the rules and processes of your credit card company.