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678 Important Information Regarding Local Sightseeing Plans and Ticket Packages 2012/07/19
This product is not a travel package/tour covered by the Travel Arrangement Agreement. Before purchasing this product, please read the following information carefully. Products operated by a local company unaffiliated with the JTB Group may apply, and cancellation policies may vary. Please only purchase this product after confirming the operating/managing company and the terms of the applicable agreement (below).

1. This agreement is between the customer and the operating or managing company (hereafter, "Operator") as indicated in the product's details. The content and conditions of this agreement are dependent on the terms and conditions of this website and those of the Operator.

2. In accordance with this agreement, JTB Corp. and its affiliates (hereafter, "Representative") provide reservations for this product as a representative of the Operator.

3. Establishment of Agreement: This agreement goes into effect at the time that the customer's application for this product is accepted by the Operator or Representative.

4. Cancellation Fees: If the customer chooses to cancel after this agreement has been established, cancellation fees will be assessed as determined by the Operator. Consult with the Representative or Operator for details.

5. Conditions for Participation (Age): Unless stated otherwise in the product details, participation is limited to customers meeting the ages shown on the product's details/booking webpage. Customers not meeting these requirements may not participate.

6. Customers' personal information obtained at the time of application will be used only as necessary by the Operator and Representative to make contact regarding the product applied for as well as arrangement and delivery of said product.