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646 Sunrise Combination Tours Remarks 2016/12/29
The following remarks apply to various Sunrise Combination Tours as stated in each tour's Itinerary and Remarks.

Mt. Fuji & Hakone Day Tour Remarks

1. Mt. Komagatake Ropeway may not be visited due to traffic jam and Lake Kawaguchi may be substituted for Hakone.

2. On days that the Fuji Visitor Center is closed or there is particularly heavy traffic, the Fuji Visitor Center may be skipped.

3. The temperature on Mt. Fuji can be 10 - 15 degrees Celsius colder than Tokyo. Especially for tours from fall to spring, it is recommended that you bring a coat.

4. From winter to spring, the road up Mt. Fuji may close due to inclement weather (e.g., icing, heavy snow), and the tour may not be able to reach the 5th station. In such a case, the tour will go to the highest point possible at that time.

5. Even at the foot of Mt. Fuji itself, a clear view of the mountain may not be possible due to weather conditions. Please note that the tour will not be cancelled and no refunds will be made in such a case.

6. Portions of the tour in Hakone including the Hakone Ropeway, Owakudani, and Lake Ashi cruise may be replaced due to traffic, weather conditions, or other operational concerns. In the case that one or more of these destinations is omitted, one of the following alternatives will be substituted: Narukawa Museum, Fujiyama Museum, Fuji Sengen Shrine, Hakone sightseeing cruise, Itchuku Kubota Art Museum, cruise on Lake Kawaguchi, Kawaguchiko Ropeway, Hakone-en Aquarium, Komagatake Ropeway, or Hakone Shrine. The tour will not be cancelled and no refunds will be made.

7. There may be times when the guide does not accompany the tour back to Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train) from Odawara at the conclusion of the tour. In such a case, the guide will tell participants how to return to their hotels in Tokyo before the group boards the Shinkansen.

Kyoto Morning Tour Remarks

1. On days that Nijo Castle is closed, the tour will visit Ryoanji Temple or Daitokuji Daisen-in Temple instead. On days that the Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays), Kitano-tenmangu Shrine will be visited instead. In some cases, Nishi Honganji Temple will be visited instead.

2. There may be days other than those stated above when the Kyoto Imperial Palace cannot be visited. In such a case, the itinerary will be adjusted in a similar manner.

3. Please note that you will be asked to fill out a form before entering the Kyoto Imperial Palace including your full name, sex, age, and nationality. You may not enter without filling out this form.

Kyoto Afternoon Tour Remarks

1. During the Gion Festival, pick-up/drop-off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, and Nikko Princess Kyoto is not available due to road closings.

2. During the Jidai Festival, Heian Jingu Shrine will not be visited. Chishakuin Temple will be visited instead. If the Jidai Festival is postponed, changes may be made to the tour itinerary to match.

Nara Afternoon Tour Remarks

1. The visit to Kasuga Grand Shrine includes general admission only. Shrine facilities requiring additional fees are not included.

2. On days that the Nara Nagomikan is closed or when there is particularly heavy traffic, the visit to Nara Nagomikan may be skipped.

3. During the Gion Festival, pick-up/drop-off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, and Nikko Princess Kyoto is not available due to road closings.

Takayama, Shirakawa-go & Kanazawa Tour Remarks

1. Depending on traffic, weather, or other operational concerns, a bus may be used for transportation between Nagoya Station and Takayama Station, Takyama and Kanazawa.

2. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. Please bring an overcoat or other warm clothing from fall to spring.

3. If the Wada Residence is closed or there is heavy snowfall, Nagase Residence or Myozenji Temple will be visited instead.

4. Kusakabe Folk Museum and Kami Sannomachi Town may be visited on Day 2 instead of Day 1.

5. Transportation by bus from Takayama to Kanzawa will be a shared ride. Local transportation will be used in Kanazawa.

Kamakura, Yokohama & Tokyo Bay Tour Remarks

1. Locations indicated on the itinerary may be omitted due to traffic and operation hours. However, the tour will not be canceled or refunded even in such cases. The following are possible substitutes: Kamakuragu Treasure Hall, Yokohama Marine Tower & Yamashita Park, or Sky Garden of the Landmark Tower Yokohama.

2. Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather, and operation hours.

3. Note arrival times may be delayed due to traffic conditions as this tour will travel by bus.

4. Earphone devices may be provided if there are over 15 participants in order to directly hear the tour guide.

5. A fine of JPY 10,000 may be charged if earphones are lost or damaged.

Nikko Day Tour Remarks

1. On Tuesdays and other days that the Tamozawa Imperial Villa is closed, the Rinnoji Temple Treasure Hall and Shoyo-en Garden will be visited instead. On days that these places are also closed, the Toshogu Shrine Treasure Hall will be substituted.

2. Heavy traffic is expected around the autumn leaves season (expected: Oct.- Nov.), and the tour may be delayed, possibly resulting in changes to the itinerary. Snowy conditions on the trails to Kirifuri Falls in the winter (expected Jan. 1 - Mar. 31) may result in it being skipped and an alternative visited. There may be other cases when places visited on the tour are substituted due to operational concerns such as heavy traffic. In such cases, no refunds will be made.

3. The temperature in Nikko is typically lower than that in Tokyo. Please bring a coat and/or other appropriate clothing when participating in this tour from fall to spring.

4. This tour will involve a fair amount of walking including hills and stairs, especially at Toshogu Shrine and Kirifuri Falls, so please wear comfortable footwear.

5. As this tour will travel by bus, there may be times when arrival is delayed by heavy traffic.

6. Earphone guides can be used at Nikko Toshogu Shrine, but there may be cases when they are not used if the number of participants does not exceed 15.

7. A fee of JPY 10,000 may be incurred if an earphone guide is lost or damaged.

8. The bus may stop at some hotels in the Nikko area to drop off staying customers before returning to Tokyo.