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636 Nara Afternoon Tour Remarks 2013/02/08
These are the Remarks for our standard Nara Afternoon tour. These Remarks only apply to tours as indicated on each tour's page, but they do not necessarily apply to all tours visiting Nara. Please be sure to read the Remarks of each tour before purchasing.

When this tour is included as part of a longer package, please note that some details of the Remarks may not be applicable or may differ slightly.

1. At Kasuga Taisha Shrine, the tour includes the regular areas and does not include entrance to areas requiring additional admission fees.

2. Drop off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, and Nikko Princess Kyoto cannot be provided during the Gion Festival (July 14 -16) due to traffic restrictions.

3. The tour may not visit Nara Nagomikan if it is closed or due to traffic conditions.