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635 Kyoto Morning Tour Remarks 2013/02/08
These are the Remarks for our standard Kyoto Morning tour. These Remarks only apply to tours as indicated on each tour's page, but they do not necessarily apply to all tours visiting Kyoto. Please be sure to read the Remarks of each tour before purchasing.

When this tour is included as part of a longer package, please note that some details of the Remarks may not be applicable or may differ slightly.

1. On Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed. On these days, the tour will visit an alternative destination (typically Kitano-tenmangu Shrine). The same is true of the period before and after the public viewing of the Kyoto Imperial Palace in April and October, May 14 - 17 due to the Aoi Festival, and whenever there is an Imperial Household event. On May 25 and Aug. 25, Nishi Honganji Temple will be the alternative.

2. On Tuesdays (Wednesday if Tuesday is a national holiday) in January, July, August, and December and over the year-end New Year's holidays, Nijo Castle is closed. The tour will visit Ryoanji Temple or Daitokuji Daisen-in Temple instead.

3. Please note that you will be asked to complete a form indicating your full name, nationality, gender, and age before entering Kyoto Imperial Palace.

4. Please provide advance notice if your group consists of five or more Japanese citizens. If you do not inform us of this information in advance, your party may be denied entry to Kyoto Imperial Palace.