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632 Nikko Tour Remarks 2011/01/06
These are the Remarks for our standard Nikko tour. These Remarks only apply to tours as indicated on each tour's page, but they do not necessarily apply to all tours visiting Nikko. Please be sure to read the Remarks of each tour before purchasing.

When this tour is included as part of a longer package, please note that some details of the Remarks may not be applicable or may differ slightly.

1. Overcrowding is predicted during the autumn foliage season from October 11 - November 4. In the case of traffic jams on Irohazaka (the winding road), the tour will visit the Rinnoji Temple Taiyuin Mausoleum, Futarasan Jinja Shrine, Kirifuri Waterfall, or Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa instead of visiting Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Waterfall.

2. Due to traffic or road conditions, even during times other than the period mentioned above, the tour may visit alternative locations as described. No refunds will be given even if visiting locations are changed.

3. We recommend you bring a coat or other warm clothing during spring, autumn, and winter.

4. The tour will not be canceled or refunded even if you are unable to fully view Lake Chuzenji or Kegon Waterfall due to weather conditions.

5. Scheduled time for lunch and arrival is subject to change due to traffic.

6. Earphone guidance may not be used if the number of participants is less than 15.

7. If a tour participant damages or loses an earphone guidance device, he/she may be charged for compensation (JPY 10,000).

8. A vegetarian menu is also available.