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569 Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour Full Remarks 2016/12/29
These are the full remarks for the 2-Day Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour. Please be sure to read and understand them in full before booking.

1. Tour visits Mt. Fuji 5th station (about 2,300m), 7th station with stopover at mountain hut (3,000m), and the summit (3,500m). The temperature at the summit can drop below 5 degrees C.

2. The air is thin, and there is a possibility of mountain sickness. Please have enough sleep and be healthy for the climb.

3. Tour plans to reach the summit for sunrise, stopping at the 7th station to rest on the way. If the sunrise cannot be viewed due to weather, overcrowding, etc. no refunds will be issued.

4. Tour will be operated in the rain. Tour may be cancelled at any time if guides determine conditions to be unsafe for climbing. Itinerary and route may change due to weather, crowds, and traffic.

5. English-speaking guide will accompany the tour from Tokyo. Climbing guide (Japanese only) will join from the 5th station and accompany to summit and back.

6. Tour operated with a Japanese tour. English-speaking guide will attend Sunrise Tours customers.

7. All participants must fill out a form (name, emergency contact, etc.) on the first day.

8. Participants wishing to stay at a hut other than Toyokan must arrange and pay for it separately.

9. Sleeping space at Toyokan is mixed-gender bunk beds. Each participant will have about 1.6 sq. m. Latrines located outside. No bathing facilities.

10. On the second day, those late for the return bus to Tokyo from the 5th station will be responsible for their own transportation.

11. No vegetarian options available. Those with special meal preferences must bring their own food. Dinner on day 1 will be a Hamburg steak meal. Breakfast on day 2 will be two inari-zushi (rice wrapped in sweet tofu pouches). Additional drinks and food available for separate fees.

12. Children 5 and under cannot join this tour. 6 - 15 must be accompanied by an adult 20 or older. 16 - 19 can join alone with written permission from parent/guardian by 4 days before the tour.

13. Climbing insurance not included. Climbing insurance in Japan not available for foreign nationals.

14. Please indicate lodging before the tour when booking.

15. Tour may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not met by 21 days before departure.

16. Mt. Fuji climbing fee is included in the tour price.