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330 How can I cancel bookings online? 2010/11/16
To cancel hotel/ryokan bookings online, please go to this page:

You will need to log in using your registered email address and password or, if you are not a member, the booking confirmation number and the telephone number you provided during the booking process. After logging in, simply find the booking you would like to cancel in your booking history and cancel it.

Please note that cancellation fees may be incurred, and these vary depending on the hotel or ryokan. Please click here for more information regarding cancellation fees. Please also note that as your check-in date approaches, online cancellation may be come unavailable. If you cannot find the booking you wish to cancel in your booking history, please contact Customer Support immediately, preferably by phone if the check-in date is close. Finally, please understand that cancelled booking can not be retrieved; if you change your mind after cancelling, you will have to make a new booking, and the room you booked originally may no longer be available.

For online tour booking cancellations, please go to this page: